The Icepark – Helsinki’s hottest meeting point

This year the Icepark Helsinki will be open from 28th November 2015 until 27th of March 2016.

Welcome to the Helsinki Icepark! Come as you are – with or without the kids, straight from work, with your special someone under your arm, or on your way to a night out with friends. The award winning Icepark is Helsinki’s hottest meeting point!

Enjoy the city culture with skates on. Relax with a hot drink in the atmospheric café, listen to music or meet friends. Icepark offers fun winter experiences for urban residents from November until end of March.

How to find us

The Icepark is centrally located in the heart of Helsinki, next to the central railway station.

Admission tickets may be purchased from the ticket booth and are attached to the coat. The Icepark offers skate rental service.

How to work in Icepark

Before skating you have to buy a ticket and put it on your jacket. If you need skates you can rent it from the rental. Skates will be in exchange for an identification card. Helmets and helping sleds can be borrowed free of charge.

The Icepark has daily instructions and you can participate those if you have the ticket. Register for classes at the rental.

Ice is maintained every few hours, for safety of all skaters, ice has to be cleared for about ten minutes.

Hockey games are forbidden in the Icepark.

Skating and enjoying is definitely allowed!


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